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Aneurysm , What and How ?

Aneurysm is a condition where there are weak areas and prominent blood vessels . This protrusion can only occur on the inside walls of blood vessels or blood vessels could also make it to be as thin as a balloon . This is a dangerous situation because at times it can be ruptured aneurysm .

Aneurysms in the brain can grow large and may suppress the surrounding brain areas , causing a real nuisance , such as headache , nausea , vomiting , pain or stiffness in the neck , blurred vision , or sensitivity to light . But often are not any symptoms , especially in small aneurysms . Aneurysms are rare under the age of 20 years , usually common in older age .

Some risk factors can facilitate a person to experience an aneurysm , which is high blood pressure , traumatic injury to the head , smoking , alcohol users , who have a family history of aneurysm and other congenital abnormalities such as polycystic kidney .

How aneurysm can occur ? Until now , the cause is still not known with certainty . Apparently, the aneurysm occurs in the absence of the muscle layer in the blood vessels . So over time , where the blood vessels are contracted ( shrunk ) and dilation ( widening ) will make it thin and stretched . This is what will eventually form the aneurysm .

Danger of aneurysms formed can lead to stroke or death due to rupture of the aneurysm . Aneurysms can be treated with surgery . But the new surgery is usually performed to prevent recurrent bleeding from the aneurysm rupture . Because many people are not aware of the aneurysm on him , until the aneurysm rupture and lead to stroke or death .

How to detect aneurysms ? Aneurysms can be detected by X-ray examination ( x-ray ) , echocardiography , CT ( computed tomography ) scan and MRI ( magnetic resonance imaging ) .

In the U.S. alone , of research looks about 3-5 % of the population turned out to have a brain aneurysm society . And more experienced in women than in men , with a ratio of 3:2 .

What is Different Flu and Colds ?

We often attacked by both types of the disease , but often it is difficult to distinguish . At the time of illness , often accompanied by pain in swallowing, cough and fever . Is this what is called the flu ( influenza ) or just a common cold alone ?

Basically , give flu symptoms are more severe than the common cold . And we will feel better when you are suffering from flu than a cold . But it’s not an easy way to tell the difference. Therefore , let us distinguish between each one of the symptoms that may occur .

Fever symptoms

Usually flu is often accompanied by a high increase in body temperature with chills , while the runny nose, fever rarely occurs . If anything, the fever just a mild fever .

The first occurrence of the disease

On the flu , usually occurs suddenly . While in the cold , the slowly .

Pain swallowing and cough

On the flu , usually no disturbance in swallowing and coughing , while runny nose often accompanied by painful swallowing and coughing are quite heavy .


Headache often accompanies the flu , while the cold usually no headache .

Muscle pain or aching and fatigue

In the flu is often accompanied by pain in the muscles ( pain ) and fatigue , while the rare cold muscle pain and fatigue disorder .


On flu patients often do not have the appetite or appetite is reduced , while in the cold her normal appetite .

Although the example in the above categories are included in the category turns cold , it does not mean the possibility that it turned out to be too cold or flu that we suffer then continues to be the flu , or vice versa . And that it is important to note also , that the flu symptoms in children can vary so it is sometimes difficult to distinguish.

Women Really Faster Aging Skin?

It is inevitable that men will generally look more authoritative when he started to grow, whereas women with age will look look older. The latest results also explain that her skin will grow old faster than the skin of male.

By using a laser imaging technique, the researchers were able to see the deeper layers of skin and can further assess the amount of damage caused by sun exposure and the aging process.

Picture of collagen and elastin decline causing wrinkled skin and loss of smoothness, and looks that women will experience a loss of collagen faster than men.

Collagen is a group of proteins found in the dermis layer, which is a layer of connective tissue in the skin which have the ability to strengthen the skin. The body will make a lot of collagen as a young age, then production will continue to decline as we age.
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Beauty Starts From Within

Women generally want him to always look pretty and charming. Now many ways that can be done to achieve these goals, both traditional and modern. However, there is a fairly simple way to look beautiful on the inside is as follows:

Beauty is actually more than what it looks from the outside.
Looks as beautiful as you would be much better if it comes from vitality beauty and health within oneself. Strengthen the skin, hair, and nails with the consumption of nutritious foods such as protein, vitamins, and minerals (such as vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, iron, and zinc).
Take advantage of sporting
Exercise can help burn off excess calories so as to lose weight. Furthermore, lifting weights is a good exercise for muscle building. Begin with a warm-up exercise and the consumption of healthy foods, such as fresh fruit about an hour before exercising. Continue reading “Beauty Starts From Within”

Gastric Health

Causes of pain in the stomach actually is GERD (Reflux Disease Gastroesophagal). GERD can be caused by a variety of disorders of the body, such as muscle dysfunction esophageal, gastric dysfunction, genetic factors and could also be due to asthma. All of this led up stomach acid produced, causing discomfort in the upper stomach organs.

The most common symptom is heartburn (sensation of heat and pain in the upper abdomen, chest, and throat) pain in stomach due to ulcers can also be caused by infection with helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) but can also be caused by prolonged use of the drug certain drugs such as aspirin.

Ulcer is damage to the inner lining of the walls of the stomach or duodenum caused by stomach acid, intestinal or other fluid that is produced by the digestion process.
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