Is Living Full Time In A Motorhome Right For You?

It is estimated that there are millions of people living in their motorhomes full-time. Many of these people are either retired, self-employed so they can work anywhere or people who work a few months out of the year  just long enough to have a savings that will sub-sustain them for the rest of the year.

It may surprise you that many project managers, construction workers and engineers live in their motorhomes full time, moving from job to job. It can be easier economically to have the comforts of home without the cost of a hotel. This is especially effective if the jobs are brief to avoid the high cost of lodging.

Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself is living full time in a motorhome is right for you.

If you have a partner, are both of you really interested in doing this?

When you are living full time in a motorhome you are living in close quarters. If both or either of you are concerned about this it might be wise to consider a motorhome rental in Nelson. This way you can take the motorhome on a holiday for a few weeks and get a taste of what it would be like to live in one full time.

Have you really thought about all the things you will be giving up living in a motorhome full-time?

Many people will consider the space they give up or all the material possessions they will need to go without, but what about modern day conveniences?

Phones have become a large part of our daily lives and some people are not able to live without them. You can still have your cell phone when living in a motorhome but remember that many rural places do not have the best, if they even have it, service. Long baths or hot showers will be a thing of the past for you, that is unless you want to be visiting the dump or getting water pretty often. Think about everything before you commit to full time motorhome living. If you are not sure about giving up these everyday things a motorhome rental in Picton for a few weeks will help you decide if you can or can’t go without them.

Money do you have enough of it?

If you have a job where you are already traveling then there will not be as drastic of a change for you and you could also consider a motorhome for hire in Picton for your next job to see if it is a fit for you. But, if you are used to working full-time in one location you may find that money will be an issue. Many people who choose to live in a motorhome full-time work for themselves or have the freedom of working anywhere for their employer. If you do not have a source of income set up before you head out for your life on the road, do you have a sufficient savings account in order to be able to afford your needs? Don’t forget you will need to have some money stashed away for emergencies like vehicle repairs.

If any of these questions are concerns for you then for your next holiday consider a motorhome hire in Nelson or a motorhome rental in Christchurch.

Ground Rules For Successfully Selling Your Business

Sooner or later you are going to exit your business. The question isn’t whether or not you will be ready. The sixty four thousand dollar question is whether or not your business will be ready.

It is estimated that seven out of ten privately held businesses have no succession plan to transfer the business to the next generation of owners. What does that mean to you? It means that if you do not currently have a plan in place to transfer your business to family members, existing partners, management or employees, someday you will think about selling your business.

That day might come sooner than you anticipate. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you are not currently ready to retire that you have plenty of time to prepare your business for sale.

As a business broker, I have been involved in a number of transactions (and potential transactions) where the business owner wanted to sell, or in some instances, was forced to exit the business earlier than expected. In fact, retirement is NOT the number one reason why businesses sell.

Here is a list of the most common reasons why owners sell (or otherwise discontinue) their businesses:
Burn-out (the number one reason for selling)
Health issues
Personal diversification
Divorce/partner disputes
Business growing too fast
Second generation not up to the task
Loss of market share


The sad truth is that many business owners do not take good care of their most valuable asset: the business. They don’t groom someone to continue the business in their absence, and do not keep the business in salable shape during the time they operate the business.

Business owners tend to get too bogged down in the day to day business operations to worry about–or plan for an event that they perceive won’t occur until sometime in the distant future; selling the business.

Unfortunately, fate sometimes dictates circumstances beyond your control, and tough decisions must be made. If your business isn’t ready to sell when the time comes, what are your alternatives?

1.Liquidation of business assetsmay be a solution, but one that usually returns very little money to the business owner. If the business had been an operating business, the underlying assets (except for real estate) may be outdated and of little use to anyone. At auction, the assets will bring only what the attending bidders are willing to pay. In some instances, underlying assets are sold to liquidators (or scrap) for only pennies on the dollar. Liquidation of a going business often occurs where the owners have become ill or disabled, or need to retire and have not planned adequately for their exit from the business.

2.Closing the businessis even less attractive than liquidation. That is because many who find themselves in this situation have a tendency to put off” liquidating the underlying assets in hope that maybe someone will come along to buy this business. This almost never happens.


Okay, so you think you have enough to do without throwing more onto the pile. Am I right? That is why I have written this article for you. It provides a down and dirty” overview of things that you ought to begin thinking about and planning for right now. Doing so will provide you with an additional safety net that will help safeguard your valuable business asset.

Here are just a few of the benefits of planning now:

A planned sale allows for your goals and objectives on your timetable
You may begin to identify potential buyers
You may be able to create an attractive acquisition candidate
You can begin to understand why a buyer may want to buy
You might learn why buyers would not want to buyand be able to fix the problems
You may begin to realize the worth of your business now, and learn how to increase the value as part of your retirement planning


Record All Sales

Business owners often invent remarkable ways to beat the tax collector. But the taxman can be a business owner’s best friend when it comes to selling one’s business. Income taxes are a great investment in the years immediately preceding an anticipated sale of the business.

Paying income tax proves to the buyer AND the banker that your business operations have been profitable.
Nobody wants to pay more income tax. But consider this example: Ronald Bunk systematically underreported business income by an average of $20,000 per year. Assuming a combined tax rate of 40%, Mr. Bunk saved $8,000 in taxes per year. But, the underreported income also reduced the company’s earnings base by $20,000 per year. If, for example, the business could be sold for a multiple of 5x the company’s reported earning base—the company would sell for $100,000 less ($20,000 average earning base not reported times the price multiple of 5) than it is really worth!

Without considering the time value of money, it would take in excess of twelve years of (illegal) tax savings to make up for the loss of $100,000 in business value. The lesson: In trying to screw the government, business owners often find themselves on the short end of the stick; often in more ways than one.

Eliminate co-mingling of business and non business assets

A common practice among closely held companies is to co-mingle non business assets and expenses with business assets and expenses. I have seen businesses owning motor coaches, boats and airplanes; all reported as business assets. The costs of maintaining and operating the assets were expensed as regular business operating expenses.

It is true that those businesses (not audited by the IRS) are saving a certain amount of income tax, and providing an extra fringe” benefit for the owners of the company.

Wise business owners should endeavor to separate non business assets from the business in the three to five years before a planned sale of the company. Doing so will make it much easier to accurately measure and reflect the true earning power of the business, as it will be unfettered by the capital investment in non business assets and the associated costs.

Buyers of your business are generally purchasing future income and benefit streams that will be produced by your business. The leaner and more productive your business isthe more it is worth. It is never too early to begin segregating non business assets from your business, as it may take some planning and time.

Do your own due diligence

Some executives of both public and private firms get a physical check-up once a year. Many of these same executives think nothing of having their personal investments reviewed at least once a year, if not more often. Yet, these same prudent executives never consider giving their company an annual physical, unless they are required to by company rules, regulations or some other necessary reason.

Anyone interested in purchasing your business will perform due diligence” procedures on your business before closing on the purchase. All too often, sellers are surprised at the skeletons purchasers can find in the closet. These skeletons can reduce the value of your company, and in some cases, kill any chance at closing a sale. What skeletons are your company’s closets?

Why not give your business a periodic physical? In essence, I am suggesting you would do well to treat your business as if someone else owned itand you were the potential purchaser. What problems would you discover that could cause you and your advisors to reduce or withdraw your offer?

Spending the time and money to discover and fix your company’s problems now will pay huge dividends in the form of increased company valuewhich is exactly what you want when it’s time to sell.

Compliance with taxing and regulatory authorities

Mountains of regulation often seem to impede a company’s growth and profitability. Some regulations might seem rather easy to slight” or ignore.

Take for example one of my recent sellers who swore to me that the business had no regulatory violations of any type. I reminded the seller that anything hidden in the closet” would most likely be discovered in a buyer’s due diligence (investigatory) process. Nopeno problems of any kind” I was assured.

Well, guess what the buyer’s due diligence turned up? Seems the seller had a couple of shipping/storage containers sitting behind the buildingwhich the sellers KNEW were in violation of local zoning ordinances. How did they know? They had received four previous reminders” from the trustees about the containers, and the need to remove them.

Why didn’t you mention that to me, or disclose that fact on your disclosure statement?” I asked. Gee, nothing ever happened and the township never did anythingso we just figured it was no big deal.” Was the seller’s reasoning.

No big deal, except when the purchaser turned up the non compliance issue, it threw a few extra wrinkles into the mix. In that case, the issue was easily resolved (yet, much to the additional cost and chagrin of the sellers). But, sometimes known violations are not so easily remedied. In those instances, a seller runs the risk of blowing a good deal.

What’s the bottom line?

Clean up any tax, industry, OSHA, EPA or zoning issues with which your company does not comply.

Organize and keep records available. One never knows when opportunity might knock. If and when it does knock, will you be ready to strike while the iron is hot? How many times have you heard someone say something like, I’d sell anything, including my business for the right price?”

Maybe you have even said it yourself. But would you know what paperwork and documents a serious buyer will immediately need in order to pursue the purchase? When a qualified buyer is ready to begin serious due diligence, they will need a variety of company documents.

Following is a partial list of things a buyer will ask for:
Three to five years income tax returns
Copies of one to three years quarterly payroll reports
Three to five years CPA prepared financial statements
Current year to date financial statements
Detailed depreciation schedules listing each fixed asset owned by your company
Corporate Minute Book with updated minutes
Recent aged accounts receivable trial balance
Recent aged accounts payable trial balance
Company organization chart
Copy of the Summary of Insurance Coverage (provided by your carrier)
Information about Employee Benefits provided by the company
Information about Employee Retirement Plans
Copies of labor contracts
Copies of other contracts to which the company is a party
Copies of licenses, registrations for patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

The foregoing list is an example of the types of records your company should have up to date and on hand at all times. These records are extremely important to speed the sales process along. Though this advice sounds basic, I often encounter companies whose records are not complete and up to date. This situation can dramatically affect a potential sale.

I suggest using a three ring binder to keep the basic updated records available at all times. This also makes other business needs for the documents much more manageable.


You can increase your wealth by knowing a few simple ground rules for successfully selling your business. Just like other owners of closely-held businesses, you know how to operate your business on a day to day, month to month and year to year basis. But your experience in running the business has not prepared you to know how to sell your business.

While the information I provided in this article is not all inclusive, it should help you get started in preparing your business for a successful saleno mater when the business might be sold.

Best Places To Look For Exotic Pets

There are many of us who consider our pets as part of the family, and this is evidenced by a recent statistic that states 65% of all U.S. homes own at least one pet. Along with this increase in pet ownership comes the need for services tailored for our pet’s comfort.

Best Places to Look for Exotic Pets

Exotic pets are special pets. You can’t buy it in common pet shop or similar place. You can only find these in equally special places. These animals grow in the wild and the jungles, mostly.

If you are really bent on getting an exotic pet, maybe as a gift or as your personal preference, then you have to go to these places to find one. How do you care for an exotic pet?

1. Check out the internet. The internet is an online store for many things, exotic pets included. Specialty pet shops put their store online to get more customers. If you want to know where to get exotic pets fast and easy, check out your computer. The pet you wanted could be delivered with just a click of a button.

2. Local specialty pet shops. If you can’t find just the right one you are looking for online, you can scout the specialty pet shops within your area. They are sure to have an exotic pet or two. If, unfortunately, there are none like that in there, you can ask for references from them because for sure, they know of somebody, a competitor or otherwise, that are selling exotic species.

Many people are in search of the perfect pet. Whether you are single, newly married, married with four children, or about to retire, there are some things to consider when you begin looking to include a pet into your family. When you think of having a pet, you most likely think you have to choose between having a dog or a cat, but in reality there are countless animals that can become ideal pets.

3. Veterinarians. Although not all veterinarians sell pets, but if you try to look hard enough, you can find one that has an exotic animal for a pet and is willing to sell it to you. Maybe he acquired it from his last trip to the Caribbean or to South America. Either the case, if he is willing to sell it, you are sure to have a good deal.

4. Rescues and Shelters. Rescues and pet shelter houses would likely have animals placed in their institution. Just in the U.S., there are many places where exotic and not so exotic animals need homes. They would be willing to screen you out and give you the pet that you wanted. These are mostly coming from other people who could have abandoned these pets or didn’t know how to take care of them properly.

These are the common places where you can see some exotic animals. Of course you can also go to an entirely different country to get one. But that shouldn’t be necessary. Common exotic pets such as guinea pigs, iguanas, and turtles should be easy to find. But if you go for snakes, spiders, and skunks, you might just find it a little harder to look for these.

In a recent discussion about pet safety, the services provided by a website entitled RecoveryPets.Com was compared to microchips and tattoos, and were they a better option to providing identification for pets. During this discussion a lot of statements were made and taken for fact, but here we will dispel some of those myths.

Use These Great Ideas To Have A Better Travel Experience

From a city zoo in San Jose to the mountainous regions of Pakistan to the savannahs of Africa, it’s easy to see that traveling leads to very different places. Nonetheless, there are some basic tips that will help ensure a good trip no matter where it is that you are going.

When traveling internationally, do not keep all your valuables in one place. Separate your passport, identifying information and cash and travelers checks from each other. Unfortunately, tourists tend to keep these items together, and in the event that they misplace a bag or are the victim of theft, they lose all their essential documents.

While travelling with friends and family is a great way to make memories, try travelling alone sometimes. You will find that all the activities you experience will seem just as vivid and memorable when you travel solo, and the freedom to do whatever YOU want do will seem incredibly liberating!

If you’re going to be traveling soon, don’t go through a travel agent. You’ll find your trip costing twice as much. Rather, shop around online through different bargain dealers like or This will help you save some money that can be better spent when you arrive at your destination, perhaps on souvenirs, or for that nice guy online that gave you this tip.

If you are traveling to the beach or staying at a hotel with a pool, pack your swimsuit in your beach bag. It can sometimes be difficult to sort through everything you have packed. To save time, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and anything else you might need for the beach or pool in a beach bag.

Going on a cruise can be an appealing way to travel for those who want to visit many different locations. They can do so without having to drive themselves or have the hassle of different planes and/or trains. Cruises also have the added benefits of having many quality places to eat, and lots of entertainment, ensuring a good trip.

If you are traveling overseas, you may want to consult a health practitioner about what vaccinations are recommended. Different areas of the world have different diseases and you always want to be prepared for what you are walking into. There are plenty of vaccinations out there that can keep you safe.

Holiday Travel

Save your personal finance agenda by booking flights as far in advance as possible. When you purchase tickets 2 months or more in advance, airline companies will offer you the best deals. If you are planning on going on a holiday travel this can prove to be extremely cost effective, as this is the most popular travel time.

When you are traveling for the holidays, pack as light as you can. Airline baggage limits are getting more and more strict with their weight allowances and packing lighter can save you time and money. If you are planning your holiday travel to be with friends or family, consider shopping online and having gifts shipped to your destination. Doing this will cut down on luggage and assure you don’t lose any special gifts.

No matter where it is that you are going, these common tips should help you in your travels. While each country has its own idiosyncrasies, the advice here should be kept in mind no matter where it is that you go. Now that you’ve got the advice, all that’s left is picking the destination!

Business Solutions With Business Software

There are many different types of business software that you can purchase for your business or home office. No matter what office task that you’re trying to accomplish, there is a piece of software out there for you to make your job faster and easier.

Some typical pieces of business software include accounting software, billing software, timesheet software, and order-entry software. Business software can be sold separately or it often comes bundled in a software package. Most business will want to have some type of accounting software in the office. Excel spreadsheets are a great way to keep track of things but sometimes more functionality is needed, such as that found in a comprehensive accounting program.

If you don’t want to pay the big dollars for a large accounting program, but still want to keep detailed information about your business, you may want to consider buying bookkeeping business software, which is less expensive but will still get the job done.

With all the business software available to you it’s easy to get confused about what you want, what you need, and how to tie it all together. Contact a software dealer in the area where you live and ask for some advice. Or talk to someone who works in an office and uses business software. Sometimes word of mouth is the best way to determine what software actually does what it says it’s going to do.

Keep in mind that there will be a learning curve when it comes to using any new software. You’ll need to learn what the software can do and how to implement it with your own personal preferences. If you’re unsure of how to use software of any kind you may want to think about taking a computer software refresher course at a college or online.

The business software that you decide to purchase may also come with a built in tutorial so that you get some hands on practice before starting to use the software.

Tips That Help Make Your Travel Successful

Traveling is a great way to expand ones horizons. It introduces one to new cultures and ideas, expands ones understanding of the world, and can be extremely fun to boot. However, proper precautions should be taken when traveling. Prior planning and research are important, to minimize sticky situations and unexpected snafu’s. This article will cover some of the required information you should gather before embarking on your journey.

When traveling, whether it’s for a day or a month, don’t advertise your absence on social media sites. If you do, this lets people know that you’re going to be away from home and that most likely your house will be empty. This significantly raises your chances of being robbed while you’re out of town.

If you are traveling to Europe with electronic gadgets, remember that the voltage for household outlets is going to be different than in North America. This means that you’ll either need to bring a converter so that you can plug American goods into European power, or find appliances that can handle a range of voltages.

Always make sure that you have a set location for your important paperwork and documents when traveling. It is easy to lose or misplace these things. Determine a safe pocket or pouch ahead of time, and always take them out and put them back in this same location.

Be flexible when making your travel plans. Unless there is some reason that you must travel on a specific day, flexibility will save you money. Allowing a booking website to search for flights near your desired travel dates could save you as much as a hundred dollars per flight, especially if it shifts you off of a weekend flight.

Pack some plastic zipper bags. You know you need them to get your liquids and toiletries through security, but extras can always come in handy. You may need a few extra for snacks on the road, as a garbage bag, or as an ice pack in an emergency. Most of all, they come in handy when you are packing to return home and have a soaking wet swimsuit to put in your bag.

When traveling in remote areas by car there is not always a convenience stop at every mile marker. When you are traveling with children, in particular, this can be very problematic. Take along a sheet so you can drape it over the open doors of your vehicle to give them some semblance of privacy when you have to make that emergency pit stop on the side of the road.

If you want to get the best price on a cruise vacation, either book your cruise early or at the very last moment. With booking early, you get the widest selection of accommodations plus you save 25 to 50 percent off the published price for each traveler. With booking at the last moment, you will not have the best choice of cabins but you can sometimes save more than 50 percent off the published price of your cabin.

Label everything with your information. If you have chargers, power strips, keys, or anything other small items that tend to get lost, put your contact information on it. An easy way to do this is to make a tag out of masking tape, and write your name and phone number on it. Or, you can use a Sharpie.

Inexpensive travel can seem nearly impossible today. Gas prices are astronomical, and airlines are too expensive for many people. You can still travel cheap if you are willing to take a bus or travel in a car pool with other people. You can search in advance for inexpensive destinations that will make your travel expenses less.

Learn the tipping culture for whatever countries you plan to visit. In some cultures, tipping is automatic, while in others, it does not exist. There are still a few cultures in which tipping is considered a great insult, so mind your manners by checking the customs. You do not want to insult your server.

Traveling is one of the greatest experiences one can have in life. The ability to meet new people, explore new places, and learn about new cultures is unprecedented. The tips in this article should serve you well on your exciting adventures.

Animals As Pets – A Healthy Choice

Animals as pets, seems a silly notion to me. The only animals I’ve really kept as pets would be fish. And many animal lovers who have pets, would probably disagree with me as to the classification of fish as pets. Whatever. While I enjoy other peoples animal pets, I’m sure none of them would classify me as an animal lover. A recent turn of events may however have a long term effect on my relationship with animals. Having recently caved to our children’s long term lobbying efforts to have a family dog as a pet, it appears that I will be sharing my home with an animal of the non-aquatic variety very soon.

Stress Out The Dogs

The thought of sharing my domicile with an animal has me a little stressed out. However, that should be short lived, as according to many experts living with an animal is supposed to help relieve stress in humans. Not exactly sure why that is. Perhaps having a creature you can speak your mind to, that has no recourse but to agree with you? Sometimes us human animals just need someone to listen, and agree with everything we say. Maybe the constant reminder of an animal who has no control over what they eat, where they sleep, how they play, and what goofy clothes they wear, makes people realize that maybe things aren’t so bad for them. Could be worse, you could be a dog.

First Puppy Wins US Open

Apparently exercise is supposed to be another benefit of keeping an animal in the house. Taking them out for walks, playing catch, and bending over to pick up dogie poo all seem wonderful. Really? I tend to like my exercise to be more of the competitive variety. Any chance rover can learn to pick up a tennis racquet? Animals playing sports? Now that’s got potential.

Animals As People Magnets

Need to find some new friends? Get an animal. Your guaranteed to meet other animal lovers, as they all walk their dogs / cats / hamsters through the park. Not so sure these are the best kind of people for me to meet though. Never have been much of an animal lover, so I’m not to sure how I’d fit in with this group. Those people with the big nasty attack dogs always scare me a little. It’s not so much the animal I worry about however, it’s really the owners that concern me. What would posses someone to want to own an animal that could kill you while you sleep is truly beyond me.

Animal Therapist

Apparently animals make great therapists. Hmm, maybe they meant animals are good therapy. That whole unconditional love and admiration thing. Not like the animals have much choice. Seems like a pretty one sided relationship to me. Well hopefully all the animal experts are right and there is some good (therapeutic or otherwise) to living with animals. I hope so, otherwise I may soon be the one in need of a therapist. Preferably a human one.

How To Promote Your Computer Repair Business

More and more people use computers everyday and need professional help when problems occur. Providing those services can be a profitable business, but how can you stand out from the crowd?

– Be professional. You will sometime be unable to save their data or their broken motherboard, but you can explain why while keeping it simple. And there are few software problems you cannot solve at all, so do not admit failure unless necessary (repairs that would cost more than the computer’s value for example). You will gain a reputation as an expert, not to mention people will come to view you as honest, which can be invaluable if you have a serious problems one day.

– Always have business cards on you. You never know when you could end in a discussion about computer, giving you a perfect opportunity to sell your services. You can also leave cards on community boards and the like.

– Likewise, make sure your customers have an easy way to find you and call you back. Put stickers with your contact information on all computers you fix, or at the very least, give your business cards to all your customers.

– Don’t underestimate your personal network. Your family and friends will most likely be happy to help you promote your business. After that, the news will spread to friend of your friends, who will be quick to recommend you if you do a good job fixing their computer.

– Do something special for your customers, a little extra they cannot get anywhere else. Most people will install Antivirus and firewalls, but you can go the extra mile and add useful open source or freeware software like Open Office to your standard installation routine. Games, especially cards and board games, can be a pretty effective bonus for no additional cost, except a few minutes of your time to install.

– Make yourself visible to potential customers! Classified ads in the local newspaper, or a few flyers left on the counter of a friendly shopkeeper can go a long way. You can also add special offers to your flyers or for people who mention your ad to make them more attractive.

As you can see, you can do a lot of things to improve your image and promote your business. Just use your imagination, and you can surely find an original way to promote your services and grow your business. But never forget, your customers are your greatest asset, treat them well!

Find Exotic Pets Online

Recent years have seen an increasing trend regarding the popularity of exotic pets online. Since most people are not free to travel the world in search of the perfect exotic pet, it will be beneficial for you to learn just how to find exotic pets on the internet. Fortunately, finding exotic pets online is not nearly as difficult as some people would make it out to be. However, it is not quite so simple as performing a Google search for “exotic pets online” either.

Unlike common domestic animals, there are often a great number of restrictions regarding the importing, sales and even in some instances, the ability to own exotic pets. Some animals that were previously considered to be exotic are not quite so mysterious, exotic or anything other than just another animal anymore.

Ostriches are just one example of how the situation has changed. While these magnificent birds used to be considered exotic pets to some, they are now commonly raised and often raised much the same as any ordinary livestock. Far from being an exotic pet anymore, they are now a regular food source and an industry rather than simply pets.

It should be noted that most exotic pets will not fall into this category very often or anytime soon. When most people think about exotic pets, they are usually referring to reptiles of one form or another, talking, colorful and exotic birds, and a relatively few more species which are more likely to be welcomed into a home as a conversation starter or a fascination with nature and the extremes among living species.

Whatever reasons you may personally have for wanting to find an exotic pet, you may have noticed that available selections are often very limited in any local exotic pet shops. Searching for exotic pets online will definitely give you a wider selection. There are also additional benefits to searching for exotic pets online that you should take into consideration as well.

Many of the more exotic pets are more expensive and sometimes difficult to come by. There are many unscrupulous exotic pet dealers both online and in the real world. Searching for your exotic pets online will allow you to learn as much about the exotic pet dealers as it will about the animals themselves. Finding a reputable dealer is every bit as important as finding the perfect exotic pet.

Because they are exotic, these pets are often very expensive. Another consideration is that exotic pets available online and in the real world have special requirements. It may b easy for you to see why it is so important to find out as much as you can about the dealer and the animal itself. Most people don’t want to spend a large amount of money on exotic pets that may or may not have had adequate medical care, lack the proper documentation and may result in a financial loss and perhaps a broken heart due to the loss of a pet.

Before you go searching for the perfect pet or try to find a pet online gather as much information as you can to determine if an exotic pet will fit in your lifestyle. In this way, you can be certain that you get the pet that is right for you and one that you will have for a lifetime.