The main stages of life, a kitten: How fast your kitten grows

Just as a child, it can be incredibly satisfying to bring a kitten into your family and watch it grow. It only takes a year for your cute little kitten to mature into a cat. It may seem hard to believe, but it will happen soon. Prepared here is the goal. So what are the main steps for a kitten?

The first moments

The kittens are born blind and are completely dependent on their mother. The first steps involve learning to eat and then more. The kitten’s eyes open, and he will want to explore. At least four weeks, it trembles romp with her siblings. At this time it can begin to learn to use the litter box and should start to become a social animal. In nature, the mother of the kitten will begin to supplement their diet with dead mice and other quite small. But, you might want to give it. A little soft cat food or a dry food that is softened with a little water

Six weeks

It is now 6 weeks old and he is more than willing to explore the house. If it is inside, it will move from room to room. A wild kittens follow his mother when she goes out with other cats. These cats will still receive mice from their mother, but they are no more death. Instead, the kittens learn to hunt the animal. Those who are eight weeks old, will be completely weaned from their mother, and are willing to go to a new home.

The next 6 months

In the coming months, the cats will develop very quickly. They need to be vaccinated at this time, so they are healthy and strong. They will begin to learn what they need to do to live with their families and learn what behaviors are acceptable need. You can teach your cat’s name and a few simple commands now. If the cat has long hair, make sure that you get used to cultivate, although the cat’s coat does not need to be brushed now.

Sometimes cats suddenly develop a bad attitude. Believe it or not, there is a period of adolescence for them. This happens when the cat spends a kitten, an adult cat. It looks like kids, right? This is the case everywhere in the fifth month in six years, and will last until the cat reaches years. They are always fun but can get carried away playing aggressively. If your cat is not neutered at least six months, it is mature enough to reproduce today. Castration chat help at this stage of his development more smoothly. After six months, the cat looks the way he presents himself as an adult, even if he has become still greater.


Just like humans, adult cats continue to go through the steps. But these steps can be treated quite easily. And contrary to what you have midlife crisis perhaps, is the cat does not go out and buy a sports car of this age!

If you take care of your cat’s health, as it grows into an adult cat, you have a fulfilling relationship that will bring you satisfaction and the big cat.